Intimate Portraits

Stretch your mind and body as you unfold in front of the lens.
Shine organically from the inside out. Celebrate yourself in a completely safe and natural setting. Create wall art for yourself or a gift for your partner with nothing but the skin you were born with.

Please write me if you're interested in a session and I will give you access.

My experience shooting nude art goes way back to 2008. I love the human body and the creative expression that comes from it. From 2015-17, I worked on my fine art book and exhibition called “Intimate Portraits”. With the skills I’ve learned in life coaching, I asked questions and held space for a variety of emotions to release from my subjects as I captured them. We moved through difficult emotions together into empowerment or had fun together just creating art. The project featured anonymous, faceless subjects along with their handwriting of whatever they wanted to share. I did an Indiegogo for it and it was a success. Now people write me to have their own custom Intimate Portrait session with me. It is an honor to capture the beauty of every person!